Images by Larry A. Carver

The images are in Portfolios based on subject matter

As an Episcopal minister I have a more than ordinary interest in churches. Not the contempory church buildings of today, but the churches that have historical significance in the faith of worshipers as religion grew from it’s beginnings.

Church Ceilings

I have been fascinated by the design and construction of the ceiling in churches and cathedrals that were built hundreds of years ago without all the technology we now have. This portfolio contains some of the most interesting ceilings I have seen.


The images in this portfolio are the best of my Italy travels. Italy is a country filled with incredible history, not only of the Christian church but also has great significance for the Jewish peoples. These images are primarily from Rome and Tuscany.

Ireland, England, & Scotland

This portfolio contains images from all three countries, each with its own unique landscapes. Out of all our travels we have fallen in love with Ireland and next to Italy it is our favorite place to visit.


Spain is a country that also includes Christians, Jews, and Muslims. The history of Spain includes Roman occupation as evidenced by the ruins in Tarragona and Arab occupation in places like Granada and Cordoba.


Many of the places we visited in the United States are included in this portfolio. While we have enjoyed traveling to Europe, there is a lot of truth in Dorthy’s words, “There is no place like home.”